History of the School

Thirty four (34) years ago, Sto. Domingo National High School was a little room of the ruined building of Sto.Domingo Elementary School in Brgy. Sto.Domingo, Calauag, Quezon.  It was then called Sto. Domingo Brgy. High School with only a handful of students.

                Its founders were Mr. Juanito U. Salazar, the late Mr. Herminigildo Legion, the late Mr. Lazaro J. Aberilla and Ms. Nanity S. Villasaya, endowed with the courage to help and inspired by the residents of Sto. Domingo and its nearby barangays established the school with the hope of helping the youth whom they think could be a great help in nation building.

                At present, Sto. Domingo National High School is second in enrolment secondary schools in Calauag.  It can be seen while passing through the Maharlika Highway.  It is eight (8) kilometers from the town proper going to Bicol Region.  There are seven (7) permanent buildings.  There are nineteen (19) classes with a total enrollment of nine hundred ninety nine (999) high school students, thirty four (34) teachers,  one (1) caretaker, one (1) bookkeeper, one (1) disbursing officer, and one (1) principal who is in-charge of the school.  There are two (2) small canteens within the school compound which aserve snacks and lunch to teachers and students.

                Based on history, a native of the barangay in the person of Mr. Juanito U. Salazar took the initiative to have a secondary school in barangay.  It was a great problem because there were no classrooms, no teachers and no available funds for the opening  of the school.  The great desire was there and a resolution was made through the PTA seeking for the approval to open the first year high school in which the fund will be shouldered by the parents by means of monthly tuition fees and a certain amount from the school board.  It was in the SY 1972-1973 with the extended support of the late Mr. Herminigildo E. Legion, the former Assistant High School Principal and the District Supervisor Mr. Lazaro J. Averilla with Ms. Nanity U. Salazar now Mrs. Nanity S. Villasaya as first teacher of the newly-opened Sto.Domingo Brgy. High School.  During the first year of existence, she taught and handled all the subjects.  According to her, love and dedication to duty is the best key for the attainment of goals and objectives.  She was then supported by her parents the late Mr. Juan E. Salazar and Mrs. Vinancia Umandap Salazar who gave her not only moral support bu also financial assistance to the school.  After a few months, another teacher named Julianita E. Masaganda volunteered to teach even with a meager salary.  They were the pioneer teachers who, “for them no trumpets blare, no chariots wait, no gjolden decorations and decreed” but who truly posses the love and the passion for teaching (Benigno Aldana, 1949).

                After for years of esistence, the creation of the barangay high school was completed.  The first graduates were thirty nine (39) students under the supervision of late Rolando B. Llantero, former Assistant Barangay High School Principal and Mrs. Nanity S. Villasaya as Adviser, SY 1976-1977.

                In the mid-eighties, more improvements were noticed.  Enrollment increased resulting to additional classes and teachers.  Mrs. Avelina A. Marcaida, Mrs. Eugeniana B. De Chavez, Mrs. Emma Z. Villaverde, Mr. MJarciano Saludadez and Mrs. Adelfa M. Villanueva were assigned to join the faculty of Sto. Domingo Barangay High School, which was classified as a National High School in 1988.

                Year 1989, another three (3) teachers were assigned as Math, Science, and English teahcers to join the teaching force of Sto. Domingo National High School.  They were Mr. Enrico I. Ayala, Cum Laude from Manuel S, Enverga University, Ms. Virginia N. Linchoco, for St. Peter’s School, and Mr. Denisto S. Orlanda from Calauag Central College.  As years passed, teachers come and go.  Mr. Enrico I. Ayala was replaced Mrs. Cleofe O. Galon, English teacher form St. Peter’s School.

                Year 1990, the increasing number of enrolled became a problem due to lack of classrooms.  This was indeed a big problem for the barangay.  The barangay captain in the person of Mrs. Lucy Indefenzo, with the help of other great men like Mr. Victorino V. Francia, the Assistant of Brgy. High School Principal, Mr. Juanito U. Salazar, PTA president and the teaching force of Sto. Domingo National High School worked hard to acquire new school site and buildings.  Att. Fresnido Abcede donated a six thousand (6000) square meter lot, which is a long the Maharlika Highway.

                In view of the promotion of Mr. Victorino B. Francia to the regional Office, as Education Supervisor in the year 1991, Ms. Virginia N. Linchoco was assigned as Officer-in-Charge.

                During the SY 1991-1992, the Sto.Domingo National High School transferred to their won site first opposite the elementary school along the Maharlika Highway.  Having a public secondary school and an elementary school on the same place, the enrolment rose, so the expansion of the school continued.

                It was the year 1991, that the donation of the school site including the original title was received by the PTA president Mr. Juanito U. Salazar, Ms. Virginia N. Linchoco as teacher-in-Charge of Sto. Domingo National High School by the donor, Atty. Fresnido Abcede.  It was in this year, when the school became a recipient of SEDP (Secondary Education Development Program Academic, rooms, administration buildings and library were constructed.  Inauguration and blessing followed attended by the well-known personalities in the town.

                Unluckily, it was on Ntvember 2-3, 1995 when most of the improvised classrooms made of light materials were destroyed due to super typhoon Rosing.  Remedial measures had been done successfully with the help of the resolution of the PTA.  With this destruction, the principal Ms. Virginia N. Linchoco made joint resolution of the PTA and Sangguniang Barangay and send them to proper authorities and agencies.  The requests were granted.  One building with four classrooms was constructed through the Community Development Fund of Cong. Wigberto Tanada in 1996.  Rehabilitation continued through the Department of Education and Culture and the Bureau of Public Works and Highways.  The school survived with more plans for improvement and expansion.

                It was in 1997, when the school came a recipient of one building with three classrooms, packaged with all facilities plus three comfort rooms equipped with all accessories of high quality as approved by the Educational Development Fund implementing Task Force (EDFITAP), funded by Japan International Cooperative Agency.  All of these were donated by the Japanese Government as a token of friendship with the Philippine Government.

                More projects were put up through the energetic principal, Ms. Virginia N. Linchoco with the help of the PTA president Mr. Apolinario Luistro and teachers like concrete panels, pathways, garden boxes and others.  A steel gate was donated by Mr. Alejandro Safra of Balagtas, Bulacan.  Sound system like amplifier and tape deck were purchased through the SCO headed by their adviser Mrs. Fe A. Padillo.

28,000 was used to purchase television and VHS.  The SCO office was constructed between the THE and Administration Buildings.  The construction was spearheaded by the Social Studies Teachers led by Mrs. Violeta C. Gandia.  The funds were taken from the SCO fee, which was collected during the enrollment period.

                These improvements were made possible through the collaborative efforts of the administration, the teachers, the parents, students and the community as a whole.


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