Student’s Discipline

A. Major Offenses

1.  Showing no respect for the Philippine Flag.

2.  Carrying of firearms and other deadly weapons

3.  Involving in moral turpitude, and other deadly weapons

4.  Selling of prohibited drugs

5.  Falsification of documents/school records

6.  Using prohibited drugs

7.  Joining fraternities and attending meetings of unrecognized organizations

8.  Threatening students and any school authority

9.  Assaulting, slandering and bullying other students

10.Committing vandalism (writing on the walls, chairs, destroying school property, etc)


a. First offense:  The offender will clean/repaint whatever he/she has done while suspended for 3 days

b. Second offense:  The student caught for the second time will be asked to transfer/dismissed from SDNHS.

11.Stealing school property

12.Tampering school forms and records

13. Tearing and crumpling pages of textbooks, periodicals, and other references in the library.

14.Drinking alcoholic beverages/intoxicating drinks within the 200 perimeter radius

15.Inciting trouble in any form

16.Encouraging fistfights and other mischiefs

17.Deleting letters or notices in bulletin boards, blackboards and the like

18.Gambling in ay form

19.Using obscene language and bringing obscene pictures

20.Smoking cigarettes within the 200 perimeter radius

21.Spitting on floors, walls and window.


First Offense:  Suspension for 3 days with parent’s presence during the deliberation.

Second Offense: Transfer/dismissal

Third Offense: Expulsion

B.  Minor Offenses

1,  Unauthorized selling of tickets and soliciting donations

2.  Littering of any form

3.  Wearing un prescribed uniform

4.  Using somebody else I.D./non-wearing of I.D.

5.  Sporting improper haircut (long hair, colored hair) etc.

6.  Loitering along corridors

7.  Making unnecessary noise while classes is going on.

8.  Wearing ornamental earrings especially of male students

9.  Wearing of unauthorized uniform like lacy socks party shoes, etc.

10.Urinating on walls.

11.Passing over the fence.


First Offense:  A day suspension with parent’s presence during the deliberation

Second Offense:  Suspension (3 days)

Third Offense:  Transfer/Dismissal

Fourth offense: Expulsion


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