School Discipline

1.  Students should be required to be clean, orderly, courteous, respectful, prompt, obedient, industrious, and reasonably regular in attendance.

2.  In all cases of suspension, a written promise of future exemplary conduct signed by the student and countersigned by his parent or guardian maybe required as a condition for re-admission and must be required in the case of suspension for more than three days.

3.  Expulsion is ordinarily the punishment for such offenses as assaulting a teacher, gross immorality, or injuring another student with a knife/firs or other dangerous weapons.

4.  Theft, involvement in prohibited drug activities, persistent cheating in class work, insubordination, forging of school records, assaulting other students, gross indecency of language or conduct, incorrigible misbehavior maybe punished by suspension for a shorter period may be imposed.

5.  Mixed groups of boys and girls should not be permitted to be in school buildings and school grounds, before and after hours unless a responsible teacher is present.

6.  As a rule, the authority and responsibility of the school stop at the boarders of the school grounds, and any action taken for act committed outside the boundaries should be in general left to the police authorities, the courts, and the family concerned.

7.  Contestants representing the school in any athletic meet or academic and no-academic contest are held under the control of the school authorities and subject to the regulations prescribed thereto.


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